We are a Joomla shop.

Creative License can build first-generation html websites, but we specialize in dynamic Joomla sites. Joomla is a modular tool for developing sophisticated web sites. It relies on a database to provice well-developed resources that allow site visitors to interact with site pages. Visitors can buy items at online stores, complete forms to send information to the site, comment on articles and even create new articles and content for the site.

A Joomla site can function as an intranet that allows logged in users to access content that is not available to the general public. There are thousands of modules and components available to provide incredible flexibility to site builders.

Joomla sites are great for:

Blogging: It's easy for the site owner to create new articles, complete with images. Creating and editing pages requires nothing more than the browser on your computer.

Image Galleries: Upload your photos to the site. The gallery component will automatically create thumbnails and set up pages to let you and site visitiors to browse your images and view them at full size. You can even let other users upload images to add to the gallery.

Online Stores: Sell your products directly from your website. We use Virtuemart to create product pages that allow visitors to choose product options like color and size. The shopping cart software is flexible and powerful.

Social Interaction: Visitors can comment on articles, rate images and communicate with each other. Joomla allows new visitors to create accounts that add them to the community. Once accepted, members log in to visit and share with each other.

Content Management: Do you have some content you'd like to share with the general public and other content that should be visible only to certain people. Joomla makes it easy to create member groups and limit each group's access to site content. One group may be able to see articles A and B, but not C or D. This is ideal for organizations that need to distribute sensitive information without sharing it with the world.

Scheduling and Calendars: Let visitors know when upcoming events are scheduled. We use a powerful component that can even let visitors buy tickets or reserve space at your events.

Company Intranets: Stop burying your people in e-mails. A company intranet provides an efficient way to deliver information, including very large files, to the people who need to see it without filling up their inboxes. You decide who gets to see what.